1. "I did not know
    how someone can
    be everywhere and
    nowhere all at once
    until you touched me
    with your presence and
    left without a warning."

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    “Are you lonely?”

    “What?” His brows furrowed. He was not expecting that, especially from her. He didn’t look at her. He focused on the ground instead.

    “I said are you lonely?”

    Her voice was softer, but he knew from her tone that she wanted an answer. He wanted to sigh, stopped…

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  5. "Though weary of feet
    and exhausted of this soul,
    I’ll follow you still."

  6. "I don’t know what it is or what I have lost. But I know it was important, I know it once made me happy."
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  8. Ebola by Andre Carrilho

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