1. "You crept up on me like the
    tide, slow yet sudden and oh so
    engulfing, a salty splash beckoning me
    to follow. Wherever you
    walk, the wind is close
    behind, a whistling trail of salt and
    sea, the scent of freedom and fresh
    air, the allure of ancient stories
    untold. You brought life and light in your
    wake, a calming presence to cure my
    woes, and when you
    spoke, it was a siren
    song. You wrapped your arms around
    me, whispered stories of the sweet sea
    depths, and right then and
    there, I knew I was drowning in
    — I dreamt of a boy who brought the scent of the waves in his wake and wrapped his arms around me and I think I fell in love. (via whispersofstardust)

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    But you’re my road walking me home.


  3. "I’ll play with your hair
    until the weight of the night
    anchors your eyes shut."
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    Scowly McScowls-a-lot

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  5. Awari - Ek Villain

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  7. Rain Keeps Falling!

  8. I have come to possess the same power as the Founder of Shinobi. 

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  10. "My parents warned me about the drugs on the streets
    but not the ones with hazel eyes and a heartbeat."
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